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The Granite Bracket Shop sells quality brackets and all the tools you need to support your granite countertop projects.

Today there are thousands of people getting new granite countertops put into their homes. Unfortunately hundreds of them are not installing their new countertops with the necessary support needed. Granite to a kitchen, is the petal to a rose. This elegant stone countertop is found in the highest quality kitchens worldwide. Picture a bar in manhattan, brass and granite or, a granite kitchen island countertop shining in the morning sun, they all need hidden granite brackets.

Granite countertops are elegant and beautiful to be sure, but that elegance needs support from hidden granite brackets. The granite countertop overhang unsupported is an accident waiting to happen. You see, as beautiful as this stone countertop is with all its patterns and quartz groupings, it’s just as fragile. Granite is very porous, some more then others, but porus all the same.

The answer to the safety of your granite or natural stone floating countertop is The Granite Brackets. This line of hidden brackets are firstly strong, thick and hand made. The brackets are covered with a protective powder coat with six different colors to choose from. The hidden brackets are designed for heavy weights in mind. They are secured to a pony wall or even the inside of the wall and are built to hold up under the heavy weight of natural floating stone designs.

Brackets on the Cabinets exploded view

A Granite Bracket:

  • What is Granite | The word “granite” comes from the Latin granum, a grain, in reference to the coarse-grained structure of such a holocrystalline rock.
  • What is a Bracket | In mechanical engineering a bracket is any intermediate component for fixing one part to another, usually larger part to a smaller part.

The Granite Bracket is simply something that keeps your natural stone overhang from cracking under its own weight. The Granite Bracket supports the under side the natural stone countertop and is hidden from view. Simply said; its primary function is to support the massive weight of the natural stone countertop and keep it from cracking while staying hidden under the countertop. The hidden granite brackets unlike wooden corbels that protrude under the countertop are “hidden”. Because they are flush to the underside of the natural stone countertop, they are out of the way, you don’t see them and this is what causes the granite to appear as if it’s floating – hence the name “floating countertops”. The “floating granite countertop effect” has become very popular in kitchen upgrades and also with interior decorators pushing the envelope of kitchen designs. People have responded positively to this new look, not just because it looks awesome, but it affords the freedom from a bulky corble knocking you in your knees. The best of the granite bracket are the new Easy Granite Brackets.

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