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Spanish granite countertop in kitchen supported by granite brackets.

How to buy Granite Brackets to Support Your Countertops

How do you buy the best Granite Bracket for your kitchen upgrade or new granite countertop?

There are many choices to make when looking at buying granite brackets. This article “How to buy Granite Brackets” will give you some very important rules on what to look for in a bracket.

The first and foremost Rule  for buying Granite Brackets is easy: 

Call and ask for support. The best way to discover if you are going to receive quick and informative response when you need help installing granite countertops with granite brackets is to ask a question or two via email  – But also ask them to call you back along with an email response.

Suggested Question:

  • How many colors can I choose from?
  • Is the bracket made from American Steel?
  • Are your granite brackets powder coated (standard) or are they sprayed with a type of spray paint?
  • Is there a lifetime warranty on the granite brackets?
  • Can you show me the Engineers Spec Sheet for your granite brackets?
  • Does the brackets come with hardware?

The Second rule for buying Granite Brackets are

Brackets should be made of thick steel (American). For the best countertop support for granite overhangs the steel bracket needs to be at least .5″ thick and at least 2.5″ wide. If they are selling those thin granite braces – walk away – don’t look back.

Picture of sales ad Granite Bracket Get the Best

The Third Rule for buying Granite Brackets are:

You will get what you pay for. Some brackets are suspiciously low priced, or offer free shipping. That kind of company is either cutting corners on quality and safety or they are not making granite brackets for long term profit and might be fly by night companies – Don’t put your project or family at risk, because when a granite countertops brakes off and crashes to the floor God forbid no one gets hurt.

Pay a little extra – The money is well spent when you buy a granite bracket that will not let you or your granite countertop down.

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