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The Countertop Granite Bracket
Granite Bracket for kitchen or bathroom island support. Click here to see the full selection of granite brackets in this category of - Granite Brackets for Countertop Support - Powder coated Knee and Pony Wall Applications.The Countertop Granite Bracket Mounted with Wood ScrewsThe Countertop Granite Bracket Mounted

The Countertop Granite Bracket

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Product Description

The Countertop Granite Bracket, used to support granite countertops.

picture of Standard Granite Countertop Support Bracket installed

Prices Start at Only $26.95

The Countertop Granite Bracket is designed for supporting granite overhangs and floating natural stone countertops. This is when simple meets strength. This half inch thick metal bracket with its four mounting holes and safety edge sitting in at two and a half inches wide is one of the most broadly used and trusted floating hidden countertop brackets on the market. Its simple high quality and ease of install makes it a hit with granite installers and homeowners alike. The Countertop Granite Bracket is designed to support the heaviest natural countertops down to the smallest stone bars with worry free ease installs.

The Countertop Granite Bracket, like all of the metal brackets we sell are made by CenterLine Steel.

Look at the new Self Leveling Granite Bracket befor you look at anything else.


The new Easy Granite Bracket Patent Pending

We know It’s hard finding the right way to support your granite countertop.

You don’t need a pro to Install The Easy Granite Bracket.
We knew there was a problem with normal bracing or supporting granite countertops and so when we looked at the granite braces on the market with fresh eyes the answer was simple as all good answers are. The countertop brackets were working against the forces of gravity. So we found a way to work with the laws of Nature.

The Easy Granite Bracket is a self leveling countertop support bracket and is sold exclusively by The Granite Bracket Shop. All you need to do is screw in the bracket and drop your granite countertop on top of it and it actually self levels itself under the countertop. No more touchy and time consuming leveling. No more sloppy wooden shims. No more glue.

“No more lengthy and difficult granite countertop installs”


The Easy Granite Bracket Hassle Free Install:


  1. Bevel out 2.5″ channel in supporting structure.
  2. Drop the brace into channel.
  3. Screw the brace into the support structure.
  4. Drop countertop and your done.
Bracket Sale

The Countertop Granite Bracket is made from only the highest quality steel. Some of the other stone braces or “granite brackets” on the market are made from cut-rate steel. Steel from foreign distributors like China or even Turkey which will never match up to American steel. This low-end steel is a shortcut to profit, taken at the expense of chance. Sadly the low road to quality ends badly every time. The Granite Bracket Shop only sells granite brackets that are made in America and built with American Steel. We are a great and mighty nation and so we sell only great and mighty products. So as far as countertop bracket go, we only sell granite brackets made by CenterLine Steel.

Each of the Countertop Granite Brackets are powder coated for color selection while safeguarding the integrity of the steel bracket.


Colors available: black, white and four other sensible powder coated colors to pick from!

Silver Powder Coat

Silver Vein Bonded

Bronze Powder Coat

Soft Silver

Measurements and details about the brackets

What are Granite Brackets good for?

The Granite Bracket serves as a way to support the floating granite or stone countertops in your kitchen. I say “kitchen” because it’s without a doubt, a buzz word, but it can’t be understated, we find this bracket all over the place; like industrial settings, public bathrooms or even poolside bars in luxury hotels. I myself have one on my desk, and yes it makes a great paperweight. The fact is the limit to its usefulness has never been met.

Before the “The Countertop Granite Bracket” was introduced in Jan 26 2010 to homeowners and granite installers, the options of supporting floating countertops were limited to ugly metal braces or big ornamental corbels that would separate the seating by bruising of the knees. The “hidden” style and strength the bracket allows for safe knees and the freedom to sit where you want at your countertop or bar. If you’re a restaurant owner with a busy bar you’ll need the space at the bar. Using “hidden” granite bracket will afford you the maximum seating space at your bar.

Now with the “hidden” style Granite Bracket you can get away from the big ugly corbels that were a hit in the 70’s. Of course we joke, corbels have their place and can be very elegant and provincial. But for the safety and security of your floating countertop, you’ll need our granite brackets.

The Granite Bracket Shop is dedicated to only providing the best products and support. We have tested and have faith in all the various granite bracket manufactures, tools and authors. We have gathered all the best install procedures to insure you have everything you need for a perfect install and a beautiful result.

Click Here The Granite Bracket Calculator

The Granite Bracket Countertop Calculator Tool will help you figure out how many Countertop Granite Brackets you will need.

The Countertop Granite Bracket Specs:

Top Bracket Lengths 9″- 22″
Flange Length Nil
Top Mounting Holes 4
Flange Mounting Holes Nil
Top Bracket Thickness .5″
Flange Thickness Nil
Top Bracket Width 2.5″
Flange Width Nil
Powder Coat Yes
Special Order Yes

For generalized Granite Bracket info Click Here

picture of the granite bracket

Common Uses:

  • Pony Walls
  • Island Base Cabinets
  • Granite Bar
Pictured here is the Standard Granite Countertop Support Bracket place in the pony wall.

This is a picture of the “Standard Granite Countertop Support Brackets” placed in the pony wall structure ready for the granite wrap around bar.

This is the granite wrap around bar sitting securely on the pony wall supported by the granite brackets.

This is a picture of the “granite wrap around bar” sitting securely on the pony wall supported by the “Standard Granite Countertop Support Brackets”.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 21 x 2.5 x 5 in

Black, White, Bronze Bead Blast Metalic, Silver Vein Bonded, Soft Silver


8″, 9″, 10″, 11″, 12″, 13″, 14″, 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″

The Standard Granite Bracket is 2.5 inches wide.
The Standard Granite Bracket is .5 inches deep.
This granite bracket can be anywhere from 9 to 22 inches long.
The top of the Standard Granite Bracket has 4 off set, counter sunk holes.
The L Bracket has the “Safe Edge” for leg protection.