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The Forward Granite Bracket Panel
Granite Bracket for kitchen or bathroom island support. Click here to see the full selection of granite brackets in this category of - Granite Brackets for Countertop Support - Powder coated Knee and Pony Wall Applications.The Countertop Granite Bracket Mounted with Wood ScrewsThe Countertop Granite Bracket Mounted

The Forward Granite Bracket FMB

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Product Description


The Forward Granite Bracket is actually one of a kind.

Prices Start at Only $26.95

The Forward Granite Bracket (FMB) This granite bracket is designed for applications where the granite countertop needs its support from the forward part of the knee wall. The Forward Granite Bracket is mounted on the front side of the knee wall as seen in the image above. This bracket supports the stone slab from the very underside of the countertop. This bracket is applied when you need to mount the granite bracket on the front of the structure or wall.

This is the bracket that many installers have used to retrofit a support structure on an existing granite countertop that was installed improperly; without granite brackets.

The Forward Granite Bracket, like all of the granite brackets we sell are made from hot rolled high quality American Steel.

All granite brackets are made from only the best high quality steel and then powder coated to safeguard the integrity of the steel from rusting and keeps it looking like new. It’s important to understand why quality starts with the steel that goes into our brackets. Firstly the steel quality is important because of the job required of it, supporting granite countertops. Secondly the finished bracket must be clean with completely smooth suffices. An uneven surface can actually crack the very granite countertop or bar it meant to protect. All our brackets are powder coated to protect them from rusting, but we powder coat the granite brackets also to keep the bracket as good as new after years of use.

This is a picture of a very bad granite countertop install

This is a very unsafe granite install – This needs a Retrofit Forward Granite Bracket.

Granite brackets serves as a way to support the granite or stone countertops that create a floating countertop. Before the “Front Mounting Granite Bracket” was introduced to homeowners and installers the options were limited to ugly metal braces or big corbels that would separate where someone could sit at your granite countertop.

The Forward Granite Bracket allows you to mount the bracket in a more traditional way when you can’t place the bracket over the top of the structure. The granite countertop should be supported using the traditional way of supporting your countertop like with a L-Granite Bracket but in some cases you might need the ability to mount to the front of a structure.

The Granite Bracket Shop is dedicated to only providing the best merchandise and support. We have tested all bracket manufactures, tools, and researched the best install procedures to insure you have everything you need for a perfect install.

For for quality, safe, countertop metal brackets call 720-829-9305.

Do your research before you buy an inferior product and service:

When ordering granite support brackets or braces ask the following questions from whoever you buy your granite brackets from.

  • Do you use american steel? (what’s the name of your supplier?)
  • Can you guarantee the bracket is tested and squared? (That means the bracket is ssquared to a perfect 90 degree angle on all supporting and mounting sides)
  • Do you powdercoat your brackets? (Many of the manufactures only provide spray painted products)
  • How many colors can I choose from? (You might want to consider that the lack of choices in colors speaks volumes on care and quality of service)
  • Do your brackets have a lifetime warranty and where can I read it? (All manufacturers building products that support granite countertops should offer this)
  • Do you provide any hardware with your brackets for installs? (We offer # 12 wood screws with each bracket so an install can move forward without a trip to the store)
  • If I need support, who will I need to speak with? (Ask to speak to an agent – ask how much does a square foot of granite weigh) Click Here for the Granite Calculator.

General Granite Bracket Specs:

  • The Granite Brackets are all made in the United States and built only with US Steel from Centerline Steel.
  • Each bracket goes through a rigorous quality check before they are shipped out to our clients.
  • All brackets are powder coated to protect them from wear, tear and rust.
  • You can choose from a multitude of colors to best match your granite countertop.
  • All brackets come with # 12 wood screws.
  • The bracket is made of  .5″ inch deep by 2.5″ inch wide US Steel.
  • All brackets are made by Centerline Steel and have a money back guarantee.

picture of a Front Mounting Granite Bracket

Click Here The Granite Bracket Calculator

The Granite Bracket Countertop Calculator Tool will help you figure out how many Countertop Granite Brackets you will need.

6 Powder Coated Colors to Pick From!

Silver Powder Coat

Silver Vein Bonded

Bronze Powder Coat

Soft Silver


Measurements and details about the brackets


Standard Granite Bracket Specs:

Top Bracket Lengths 8″- 14″
Flange Length 6″ – 14″
Top Mounting Holes 0
Flange Mounting Holes 3
Top Bracket Thickness .5″
Flange Thickness .25″
Top Bracket Width 2.5″
Flange Width 2.5
Powder Coat Yes
Special Order No
  • The Forward Granite Bracket is 2.5 inches wide.
  • The Forward Granite Bracket is .5 inches deep.
  • This granite bracket can be anywhere from 8 x 6, 10 x 8, 12 x 10, 14 x 10 inches long.
    • Top support on the bracket can be 8 inches | 10 inches | 12 inches |14 inches long.
    • The fastener part of the bracket can be 6 inches | 8 inches | 10 inches | 11 inches long.
  • The fastener on the Forward Granite Bracket has 3 inline countersunk holes.
  • The Forward Granite Bracket has the “Safe Edge” for leg and knee protection.
A picture ofFront Mounting Granite Mounting Pic

The bracket is sunk into the wall (pic 1a)

Front Mounting Granite Mounting Pic 2

The bracket is then covered by drywall. (pic 2a)

Common Uses:

  • Pony Walls
  • Island Base Cabinets
  • Granite Bar
  • Shelves


Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 2.5 x 8 in

Black, White, Bronze Bead Blast Metalic, Silver Vein Bonded, Soft Silver


6X6, 8X6, 10X8, 12X10, 14X10

The granite brackets are all made in the United States and built only with US Steel.
Each granite bracket goes through a rigorous quality check before they are shipped out to our clients.
All granite brackets are powder coated to protect them from wear and tear.
You can choose from a multitude of colors to best match your granite countertop.
All granite brackets come with # 12 wood screws.
The granite bracket is made of 1/2 inch deep by 2 1/2 inch wide US Steel.
Each granite bracket has countersunk holes to keep the support surface smooth and flush to the underside of the granite countertop.
All granite brackets are made by Centerline Steel and have a money back guarantee.