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The Countertop Granite Bracket SB4H
Granite Bracket for kitchen or bathroom island support. Click here to see the full selection of granite brackets in this category of - Granite Brackets for Countertop Support - Powder coated Knee and Pony Wall Applications.The Island Granite Bracket - Hidden Countertop Supports-installeda picture of a Short L-Granite Bracket mount

The Island Granite Bracket SP

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Product Description


When you need a countertop support bracket with a shorter flange, then The Short L Granite Bracket is your solution.

Prices Start at Only $33.00

The Short L-Granite Bracket (SP) is specifically designed to lay across your base cabinets creating a very strong and safe base for supporting the granite on a kitchen island. Like it’s cousin the L-Granite Bracket the angle is only 1 inch in length and with it’s 1 hole centered to create a low profile flange, it’s perfect for an island base cabinet.


The Short L Granite Bracket is the to go to situations when you need a bite that reaches down and can be attached to a base cabinet when the L Metal Granite Bracket 90 degree flange is too long and might interfere with a drawer or you might not have the full 2.5 inches of space to place your angled fastener.


a picture of a Short L-Granite Bracket mountThe Short L Granite Bracket, like all of the granite brackets we sell are made from hot rolled high quality American Steel.

The Short L Granite Bracket are made from only the best high quality steel and then powder coated to safeguard the integrity of the steel from rusting. This bracket was designed by an installer that called in a special order. He needed a granite support that would support a granite slab that sat on top of an island right in the middle of his showcase kitchen.

He needed a way to support the very center of the granite. A brace that stretched across his island cabinets straight off the end of the one side with the granite bracket supporting a 16 inch floating bar at one end utensil drawers at the other end.

With the short flange The Short L Granite Bracket offers you can use this bracket when you need room for drawers on the lateral surface of the connection point. This bracket has found a way to support the granite on larger kitchen islands without having a knee wall or pony wall to connect to. The Short L Granite Bracket spreads the weight of the granite across the kitchen island and then allows for a floating countertop of bracket supported granite.

If you have a low backsplash or tile run along a razed granite countertop or bar you’ll need a Short L Granite Bracket with the small flange so the flange does not interfere with the lower countertops surface. We find this particular bracket being used in many formats that we never anticipated, but from the start we knew we had a great bracket.

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Standard PLUS - Hidden Countertop Supports


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6 Powder Coated Colors to Pick From!

Silver Powder Coat

Silver Vein Bonded

Bronze Powder Coat

Soft Silver

Click Here The Granite Bracket Calculator

The Granite Bracket Countertop Calculator Tool will help you figure out how many Countertop Granite Brackets you will need.

Measurements and details about the brackets

Short L-Granite Bracket Specs:

Top Bracket Lengths 9″- 22″
Flange Length 5″
Top Mounting Holes 4
Flange Mounting Holes 1
Top Bracket Thickness .5″
Flange Thickness .25″
Top Bracket Width 2.5″
Flange Width 2.5
Powder Coat Yes
Special Order No
This is the granite wrap around bar sitting securely on the pony wall supported by the granite brackets.

This is a picture of the “wrap around bar” sitting securely on the pony wall.

Standard PLUS - Hidden Countertop Supports-installed

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 2.5 x 5 in

Black, White, Bronze Bead Blast Metalic, Silver Vein Bonded, Soft Silver


8″, 9″, 10″, 11″, 12″, 13″, 14″, 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 21″, 22″

The Short L-Granite Bracket is 2.5 inches wide.
The Short L-Granite Bracket is .5 inches deep.
This granite bracket can be anywhere from 9 to 22 inches long.
The Short L-Granite Bracket 9o degree angled fastener is 2.5 inches wide and a quarter inch thick.
The top of this granite bracket has 4 off set, counter sunk holes.
The fastener has 1 support  hole that will guide a wood screw center of the top mounting screws.
The L Bracket has the “Safe Edge” for leg protection.