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Info and links to help with the granite bracket install.

General Granite Bracket Specs:

  • The brackets are all made in the United States and built only with US Steel from Centerline Steel.
  • Each bracket goes through a rigorous quality check before they are shipped out to our clients.
  • All brackets are powder coated to protect them from wear, tear and rust.
  • You can choose from a multitude of colors to best match your granite countertop.
  • All brackets come with # 12 wood screws.
  • The bracket is made of  1/2 inch deep by 2 1/2 inch wide US Steel.
  • Each bracket has countersunk holes to keep the support surface smooth and flush to the underside of the granite countertop.
  • All brackets are made by Centerline Steel and have a money back guarantee.

When ordering granite support brackets or braces ask the following questions from whoever you buy your granite brackets from.

  • Do you use american steel? (what’s the name of your supplier?)
  • Can you guarantee the bracket is tested and squared? (That means the bracket is ssquared to a perfect 90 degree angle on all supporting and mounting sides)
  • Do you powdercoat your brackets? (Many of the manufactures only provide spray painted products)
  • How many colors can I choose from? (You might want to consider that the lack of choices in colors speaks volumes on care and quality of service)
  • Do your brackets have a lifetime warranty and where can I read it? (All manufacturers building products that support granite countertops should offer this)
  • Do you provide any hardware with your brackets for installs? (We offer # 12 wood screws with each bracket so an install can move forward without a trip to the store)
  • If I need support, who will I need to speak with? (Ask to speak to an agent – ask how much does a square foot of granite weigh) Click Here for the Granite Calculator.