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The Granite Bracket Shop was brought into the market to offer only the finest granite brackets and countertop support solutions to the Internet.


Designing the new self leveling granite brackets, and for over twelve years been working on countertop supports. For the best countertop supports available on the market shop here.


We follow a simple criteria; Service, quality and innovation of granite brackets. But one direction we feel it is paramount, we use American steel to build the best countertop support granite brackets on the market.


Years of expertise involved in making the best granite brackets in history. We have a history of untarnished business integrity and a commitment to customer service and perfect support.

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Some things look better or clearer after some time has passed and so Peter now sees his mistakes. The “granite braces” we first designed were designed to fight nature, to battle gravity.  The revolution of the self leveling granite bracket is as old as the pyramids, it’s levers and fulcrums, its nature.

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The Easy Granite Bracket is a self leveling countertop support bracket that is sold exclusively by The Granite Bracket Shop. These brackets really are revolutionary in that it does not use force and structure against gravity but instead uses the very weight it is supporting to act as a force on its own support by the lever and fulcrum law.

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We Invented not just a bracket but an answer.

Easy Granite Brackets was an answer to an old problem. How to maximize the support of the brackets without adding a cross strut.

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The Easy Granite Bracket was an invention brought to the patent office of the United Sates back in May 2017. It became the first of the "Self-Leveling" granite bracket ever designed for countertop supports.

Peter Cockram our main designer sat with the team, Renee Pierce, Eunice Pierce and Kenny Pierce and hammered out all the weakness of the granite brackets until we had it right.

Brackets, brackets, and more brackets.

The Granite Bracket Shop offers only the best of the best. Granite brackets come in many formats shapes and sizes with all different levels of quality. Truth of the matter is after 2010 the granite install business needed ways to address floating countertops, brackets that needed to be hidden. The Granite Bracket was born from installers using corbels or oversized heavy duty countertop support brackets made from hard cut steel. The original granite brackets were crude to say the least.

The real original granite bracket

The Real Original Granite Bracket was invented by Luis A Mercado.


Now you can find granite brackets in stores like Lows or Home Depot. And although they market them as granite support brackets from Home Depot or granite countertop support brackets from Lows. they don't brag about them. Are they the best? Are they the countertop support brackets to trust?

So we ask, what is considered the best granite bracket? What are the factors to look for when buying a countertop support bracket?

Top 5 things you should consider when shopping for granite support brackets.

  1. American made does not guarantee quality, but American steel is a good start when building granite brackets.
  2. Money back guarantees are important so if you're a granite countertop installer and you need six granite brackets, buy 7, and ask for a refund. See how well the system works, test the customer service.
  3. Don't buy copy cat brackets. We've all seen them on or EBay they look the same as the rest, but they are probably not. If you see a seller that cant even take a nice picture of the bracket, don't walk, run. Run away and shop at the best - The Granite Bracket Shop.
  4. Can you call Lows and ask questions about the installation of granite brackets? Call customer service, and if they cant help, we will - 800-561-4073 we'll even help with bracket we didn't sell you.
  5. The ease of install. The Self Leveling Granite Bracket is the revolutionary support bracket for quartz and granite stone countertops alike.

We have been building granite support brackets since 2010

Peter Cockram our lead designer is the designer that came up with brackets like the L Granite Bracket, the The Wall Stud Bracket and almost all the brackets you see now. He took a long hard look at his past brackets and fixed all types of issues. And so recently he came up with the answer to every installers dream. A bracket that took a bold step in the right direction. A granite bracket that levels itself to the underside of the stone countertop. A bracket that was so easy to install people ended up renaming it by just calling it "The Easy Granite Bracket".

The Easy Granite Bracket

Our promise to you:

We promis to always give the very finest customer service no matter if you are our customer or not. If you need help, then we are here to help.

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