The Self Leveling Granite Bracket - The Easy Granite Bracket

Easy Granite Brackets for Countertop Support.


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The Easy Granite Bracket Price List
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The Easy Granite Bracket

Easy Granite Brackets are self-leveling countertop support brackets.

Each Easy Granite Bracket comes with it's own install kit - Free

The law of fulcrum & levers creates the best stone countertop support available.

The Self-Leveling Granite Bracket is flat metal bracket used for supporting heavy granite and natural stone countertops. It is a completely new type of bracket that supports heavy countertops. We invented the self leveling granite bracket and there is a patent on the near horizon. Right now it is in the "Patent Pending" stage. Interestingly though, no modification to the design has been made so far. None requested from customers and none from the field tests. This is the new and improved granite bracket, this is the new self leveling granite bracket - The Easy Granite Bracket. Click "Installing the Self-Leveling Granite Bracket" for installation instructions.

Patent Pending - The self-leveling granite bracket - The Easy Granite Bracket

The brackets use the law of fulcrum and levers to offer the best countertop support available out of all the granite brackets on the market.

Easy Granites Bracket have three parts:

Rear Pressure Plate:

The rear part of the self-leveling brackets are called the Rear Pressure Plates and it's this part of the countertop granite brackets that sits behind the support structure or fulcrum.

  Rear Pressure Plates on the self-leveling granite bracket  

Unlike other granite brackets this countertop support uses the weight of the countertop sitting flush on it, to lever the forward part of the brackets forward supporting part of the bracket.

Read about the Self Leveling Granite Brackets on Wikipedia

Read about the Self Leveling Granite Brackets on Wikipedia

The brackets rear Pressure Plate are ordered using standard sizes:

  • 2 inch Pressure Plate
  • 3 inch Pressure Plate
  • 4 inch Pressure Plate
  • 5 inch Pressure Plate
  • 6 inch Pressure Plate
  • 7 inch Pressure Plate
  • Special Orders


Forward Support Plate:

The forward or the front part of the brackets are called the Forward Support Plates and it's the part of the brackets that sits forward of the support structure or fulcrum.

  easy granite bracket forward support plate

This is the part of the bracket that protrudes out from the knee-wall under the countertop overhang and acts as a support or lifting brace under the overhang.

The Law of Levers and Fulcrums used in our Easy Granite Brackets designs.

The brackets should never be closer than 2 inches from the edge of the countertop overhang.

It gets its lifting value from the Rear Pressure Plate on the countertop granite brackets while sitting snugly and hidden under the overhang.

Forward Support Plate on brackets are ordered using standard sizes:

  • 8 inch Forward Support Plate
  • 10 inch Forward Support Plate
  • 12 inch Forward Support Plate
  • 14 inch Forward Support Plate
  • 16 inch Forward Support Plate
  • Special Orders

Mounting Plate:

The middle of the brackets have two pairs of screw holes.


The two rear screw holes and two forward screw holes. This section is set in the quasi middle of the bracket and will sit on the fulcrum and act as the connecting factor of the brackets.

  easy granite bracket mount plate  

This section is called The Mounting Plate and is in fact a 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches making it a measured square. 6.25 square inches make up The Mounting Plate with its four screw holes.

The mounting holes can not be altered in the ordering process:

  • 2 forward mounting screw holes
  • 2 rear mounting screw holes

Countertop granite brackets are only one part of a support system.

Countertop granite brackets are just one part of a countertop support system. The brackets comes with 4 wood screws and 2 lift rings (flat washers) that can be used to counter support from a damaged or uneven beveled out channel in the mounting plate.

The complete countertop support system includes three components.

  • One Easy Granite Bracket – A revolution in bracket designs.
  • Four (4) Number 12 x 1-1/2 in. Zinc-Plated Steel Flat-Head Phillips Wood Screw
  • Two (2) Space Washers 3/16x 3/4


Easy Granite Brackets can be installed with its Countertop Support System in less then one minute.

  1. Bevel out a 2.5 inch wide and .25 inch deep channel supporting structure.
  2. Drop the brace into channel.
  3. Fasten the brace into the support structure using the spacer rings and wood screws.
  4. Lay the countertop down on the brackets and your done.

What is the hardest part of supporting a granite countertop overhang with brackets?

The simple answer is, leveling the granite brackets.

Leveling the brackets so it fits snugly under the heavy stone has been the vain in the side of all the installers since granite brackets hit the market.

Easy Granite Bracket on the Chalkboard showing the lever

Installers use wooden shims to fill in the gaps between the bracket and the underside of the of the heavy countertop overhang.

This bracket naturally levels itself. What if the bracket used the laws of nature to help support the overhang. What is the countertop overhang could support itself?

The Easy Bracket, literally by using the laws of levers and fulcrums will solve all the problems by simply by installing them.

All you need to do is screw in the bracket in.

Granite Bracket Bevel out Channel

Just drop your natural stone countertop on top of this bracket and it actually levels itself under the countertop using the law of fulcrums and levers.

Installing the Easy Granite Brackets

No more time consuming leveling.

Forget sloppy wooden shims. No more sloppy glue trying to level your countertop granite brackets.

What makes the Easy Granite Brackets Great:

  1. The bracket is simple to install.
  2. Only bracket that uses the law of lever and fulcrum.
  3. The bracket will self level under the countertop.
  4. One of the most affordable brackets on the market.
  5. Comes with all installation hardware.
  6. Made in the USA.
“No more lengthy and difficult countertop granite bracket installs”
The Easy Granite Bracket Comes with an free Install Kit  

The Easy Granite Brackets hassle free install:

  1. Bevel out 2.5″ channel in supporting structure.
  2. Drop The Easy Granite Bracket in channel.
  3. Screw The Easy Granite Bracket in.
  4. Drop countertop and your done.


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The Easy Granite Brackets with no paint
The Easy Granite Brackets made in America.

Sales Sheet for the Easy Granite Bracket

The Sales Sheet - Click Here for the print out sheet used by our sales team.

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The Easy Granite Bracket Price List
Click on the Excel Icon to Download List  
The Easy Granite Bracket


Self-Leveling Granite Brackets for Countertops
The Self Leveling Granite Brackets