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L Granite Brackets are the first countertop support brackets patented.

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The L Granite Bracket is the to go to granite bracket for situations when you need that extra bite or connection point.This countertop support solution connects not just to the top of the pony wall, but down the back face of a pony wall along the stud.

The L Granite Bracket is a The Countertop Granite Bracket with an added flange that extends at a right angle of 90 degrees for an extra connection point. The flange allows for three screws to fasten the flange to the common structure at 16 inches per stud. This flange is used as a way to secure the bracket to the backside of the mounted support structure.

X-Ray picture of the L Bracket

Centerline Brackets



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L Bracket Specs:

Top Bracket Lengths 9"- 22"
Flange Length 6"
Top Mounting Holes 4
Flange Mounting Holes 2
Top Bracket Thickness .5"
Flange Thickness .5"
Top Bracket Width 2.5"
Flange Width 2.5
Powder Coat Yes
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  • Short Countertop Support
  • Rap Around Grip