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Wall Stud Shelf Brackets for support on wall studs.

Prices Start at Only $26.95

The Wall Stud Shelf Brackets (FWM) is used for countertop support. By attaching itself to the inside of the wall it hides the support bracket from view, that's why it's called a hidden brace sometimes. Wall Stud Shelf Brackets are used primarily for countertop support along a wall. Installers can use the vertical studs every 16" to brace the countertops or shelves. The flange will be attached to the stud in the wall by 6 offset mounting screws. The flange, with its extra heavy wield is of course attached to the supporting bracket to support its section of shelving every 16".

Wall Stud Shelf Brackets are designed with the understanding that installers needed a way to support countertops or shelves directly of a wall.

To support the shelf the brackets use a distinctive set of principles:

  • Pull force -> Stress effect - The top part of the flange uses 3 off center screws to connect directly into the stud.
  • Push force -> Compression effect - The bottom part of the flange uses the compression forces to sink the grip of the #12 screw into the stud.

The brackets are supported laterally and in the center of the shelf brackets flange. This produces an incredibly strong and secure system when supporting a countertop. By using "Pull Force" from the top part of the flange and "Push Force" from the underside of the flange supports shelves and counters along the wall.

Thees brackets are made for the heavy wall mounted countertops and shelves:

  • Industrial bathroom countertops
  • Hotel bars and restaurants countertops
  • High end home improvements in kitchen and bathrooms

The Wall Stud Shelf Brackets are the perfect hidden support bracket for floating heavy, solid surface countertops made from such materials as granite or quartz. We see these brackets are used to float everything from granite countertops and shelves to hardwood desks.

Wall Stud Shelf Brackets come in lengths up to 22 inches long with a 8 inch vertical flange. The vertical flange has six 1/4 inch mounting holes and attaches directly to the side of the wall stud. We include six #12 lag screws with the product.

Bracket lengths are a tip-to-tip measurement so approx. 3 - 4 inches of the bracket will be sitting behind the drywall when installed. To get the correct size bracket for your project order the bracket length that matches the depth of the granite. For example, if you are installing a 20" deep vanity, order a 20" bracket.

If you need to remove sheet rock in order to mount your brackets you can easily patch the sheet rock with a "quick patch" kit available at your local hardware store.

The Wall Stud Shelf Brackets, like all of the metal granite brackets we sell are made from hot rolled high quality American Steel.

When ordering The Wall Stud Granite Bracket:

  • When selecting a size the measurement of the bracket will be "tip to tip" - the total length of the bracket.
  • Three inches of the bracket will be inside the wall mounted to the stud.
  • These brackets require a wooden stud. If your installation is on metal studs you will need to install wood blocking that extends from the floor to at least 24" above the top of the bracket flange.
  • We recommend a 3 to 4 inch set back from the edge of the top so a 20" top would require a 20" to 21" bracket.
  • A "right-side" flange will mount on the left side of the stud - conversely a "left-hand" flange will mount on the right side of the stud.
  • Choosing the “Universal” option allows you to mount the bracket on either side of the stud. However, the beveled edge at the end of the bracket has been eliminated as a trade-off.


Click Here The Granite Bracket Calculator


The Wall Stud Granite Bracket Specs:

Top Bracket Lengths 9"- 22"
Flange Length 8"
Top Mounting Holes Nil
Flange Mounting Holes 6
Top Bracket Thickness .5"
Flange Thickness .25"
Top Bracket Width 2.5"
Flange Width 2.5"
Powder Coat Yes
Special Order Yes


  • Hidden Wall Stud Shelf Support.