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Installing The Wall Stud Granite Brackets

How to install Wall Stud Granite Brackets inside a wall.

Use this granite bracket for floating countertops, vanities, shelves, benches and more.

When ordering please consider the following

  • When selecting a size the measurement of the bracket will be "tip to tip" - the total length of the bracket.
  • Keep in mind 3" of the bracket will be inside the wall mounted to the stud.
  • The brackets requires a wooden stud for it's base connection. If your installation is on metal studs you will need to install wood hardware that is connected from the floor to at least 24" above the top of the bracket flange inside the wall.
  • It's recommend that a 4" set back from the edge of the shelf top so a 20" top would require a 20" - 21" bracket.
  • A "right-side" flange will mount on the left side of the stud - conversely a "left-hand" flange will mount on the right side of the stud inside the wall.
  • Choosing the “Universal” option allows you to mount the bracket on either side of the stud. However, the beveled edge at the end of the bracket has been eliminated as a trade-off.

The Wall Stud Mounted Granite Bracket is the perfect hidden support bracket for floating heavy, solid surface materials such as granite or quartz directly off a floor-to-ceiling wall. We see these brackets used to float everything from granite countertops, vanities, hardwood desks, glass shelves, etc.

The Wall Stud Mounted Granite Bracket comes in lengths up to 22 inches long with a 8 inch vertical flange. The vertical flange has six 1/4 inch mounting holes and attaches directly to the side of the stud. We include six #12 lag screws with the product. NOTE: Bracket lengths are a tip-to-tip measurement so approx. 3 - 4 inches of the granite bracket will be sitting behind the drywall when installed. To get the correct size bracket for your project order the bracket length that matches the depth of the granite. For example, if you are installing a 20" deep vanity, order a 20" bracket.


If you need to remove sheet rock in order to mount you brackets you can easily patch the sheet rock with a "quick patch" kit available at your local hardware store.

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    Installing Wall Stud Granite Brackets