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Custumer Service at the Heart
of All We Do.

About Us Granite Brackets made in the USA.

We build and sell only the best granite brackets made. We are proud to sell only American made steel brackets. We build the only self-leveling granite bracket on the market.


Find everything you need to support your granite countertop.

We believe in America. We believe in the American dream. We build all our granite bracket countertop hidden supports with American steel. We know what it takes to make us a strong nation, a God fearing nation, a nation that is innovative strong and free. It takes hard work, fair play and commitment to be better with each step forward. Build American, buy American.

Our Partners:

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The Team

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Renee Pierce


As a lifelong worker in the Customer Service industry, Renee believes that customers satisfaction is the driving force of our company. Striving to create a great experience for our clients is our number one goal. The Granite Bracket Shop was built on the premise that no problem is too big or too small for us to fix.

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Peter Cockram

Lead Designer

Peter started designing granite brackets back in 2011. Many of the brackets you find in the market place comes from his design. His new design The Easy Granite Bracket is the only self-leveling countertop bracket in production and is sold exclusively at The Granite Bracket Shop.

The Self-Leveling Granite Bracket - Patent Pending
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Mom and Dad


Eunice and Kenny Pierce are the pride of the company. They are the wisdom that leads us to common sense. There dedication and love for the country are considered to be a very important part of who we are as a company.

This Is What We Love To Do


The Granite Bracket Shop sells only the best granite brackets for countertop support on the market.


We will supply you the highest quality and affordable granite countertop support brackets made.


We strive on being one of the best resources for technical support regarding granite support and brackets. Our instructional warehouse is ever growing.


We are committed to customer service, research and development in the manufacturing of the highest quality brackets and supports for countertop products.