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About The Granite Bracket Store


Find everything you need to install Hidden Granite Bracket for countertop support.

The Granite Bracket Shop is dedicated to providing the highest quality granite countertop support hardware available on the internet. We have spent years in this industry and we understand the most important factor regarding supporting your countertops with granite brackets – quality and trust.

Quality and trust; We know what is being sold as Hidden Granite Brackets and we know who sells them. We know that when it comes to your investments and safety there is no room for an unworthy product, especially when we are talking about your safety. We know our competitors and we know our partners. Firstly we understand there are some that don’t care about quality or safety, this group of manufactures will remain unnamed. We are not the GBA (Granite Bracket Authority) and we only judge the competitors in order to sell the very best granite brackets on the market.

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The Granite Bracket Shop sells only the best hidden brackets on the market. We run this site in order to supply you the highest quality and affordable hidden granite brackets made. We also pride ourselves on being one of the best resources for technical support and instructional warehouses available to the public and granite installers alike.



Not only do we sell the best hidden granite brackets used to support hidden granite countertops but we also only sell brackets with a lifetime warranties. All the books and tools we offer are only the best and have been fully vetted for you.

Our brackets and countertop support brackets comes from the world’s-leading bracket manufacturer, Centerline Steel. We will only offer the highest quality brackets in the industry. We constantly scan the market and seek only the best brackets offered and so far only Centerline meets the quality standards we demand. We are committed to customer service, research and development in the manufacturing of the highest quality brackets and supports for countertop products.

Do your research before you buy an inferior product and service:

When ordering hidden metal granite support brackets or braces ask the following questions.

  • Do you use american steel? (what’s the name of your supplier?)
  • Can you guarantee the bracket is tested and squared? (That means the bracket is ssquared to a perfect 90 degree angle on all supporting and mounting sides)
  • Do you powdercoat your brackets? (Many of the manufactures only provide spray painted products)
  • How many colors can I choose from? (You might want to consider that the lack of choices in colors speaks volumes on care and quality of service)
  • Do your brackets have a lifetime warranty and where can I read it? (All manufacturers building products that support granite countertops should offer this)
  • Do you provide any hardware with your brackets for installs? (We offer # 12 wood screws with each bracket so an install can move forward without a trip to the store)
  • If I need support, who will I need to speak with? (Ask to speak to an agent – ask how much does a square foot of granite weigh) Click Here for the Granite Calculator.

The Granite Bracket Shop is committed to widening access to our quality products and services, so more people can benefit from the safety and security of installing the best granite support for your countertops.


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