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X-Ray of the L-Granite Bracket and the positioning of the wood screws.

Why Buy Granite Brackets from Us:

Today there are millions of people people getting new granite countertops put into their homes and not having any kind of support placed under the granite. Not only is this and most importantly dangerous but if you are an installer that’s not installing granite brackets it’s only a matter of time until tragedy strikes. That’s why we take granite brackets and the installation of them so seriously.

Not only do we sell the best granite brackets for countertop support on the market but we carry all the books and tools you’ll need for your install as well.

Our granite brackets and countertop support comes from the world’s-leading bracket manufacturers. We insist or manufacturers put out the highest quality granite brackets in the industry. We are committed to customer service, research and development in the manufacturing and distribution of the highest quality granite brackets and countertop support products available.

The Granite Bracket Shop is committed to widening access to quality products and services, so more people can benefit from the safety and security of installing the best granite brackets and countertop support for your home. Click Here to find out more about The Granite Bracket Shop

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