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What Are Granite Countertop Support Brackets

Granite needs to be supported. Granite, a brittle stone can snap under it’s own weight and indeed might require countertop support brackets. These support brackets are used like steel support beams under the heavy granite, keeping the beautiful stone from shattering to the floor.

The granite countertop support brackets are spread across the underside of the overhang every 16 inches. No closer then what you would find the default spread of wall studs.

Use countertop brackets when overhanging granite beyond 7 inches past the support structure. Since granite overhangs can weigh in at hundreds of pounds, you must factor in and take into consideration how fragile granite countertops are. The granite support brackets are necessary if you plan on extending the granite past that 7-inch mark. It’s a matter of safety due to the extrema weight and sharp force created when granite snaps and crashes to the floor. Granite supports brackets can be either efficient, ornamental, or both depending on your granite countertop installation.

Now unlike man made materials like Dupont Corian, LG Hi Macs, Formica, Wilsonart, Staron and LivingSton countertops a natural stone sliced into a slab, taken from the earth and put in your kitchen it’s going to need support. All-natural stone countertops require some planning and consideration of how to protect it and those enjoying it in your home.

How many brackets do you need?

Granite Bracket Calculators

The Granite Bracket Countertop Calculator Tools will help you figure out how many Countertop Granite Brackets you will need and figure out what kind of weight you'll be supporting.

The Granite Weight Calculator

This tool is to be used as a general tool to show you how much granite can weigh. Please remember that all granite is different and might be a bit heavier or even lighter depending on the type of granite.


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