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The Forward L Granite Bracket is your retroactive answer.


This is the granite bracket you can use to retofit countertop support.

Prices Start at Only $34.95

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The Forward L Granite Brackets (FMB) are heavy duty wall brackets that are designed for applications where the granite countertop needs its support from the outward facing part of the knee wall. Forward L Granite Brackets are mounted on the front side of the knee wall as seen in the image above. If you dont need to retofit your granite countertop we suggest The Easy Granite Bracket. Thees brackets supports the stone slab from the very underside of the countertop. The need for heavy duty floating shelf brackets comes up all the time when you are installing stone shelving.

This is the bracket that many installers have used to retrofit a support structure on an existing granite countertop that was installed improperly; without granite brackets.

The Heavy Duty Wall Bracket, like all of the granite brackets we sell are made from hot rolled high quality American Steel.

 : Centerline Brackets


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Prices Start at Only $34.95

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Standard Granite Bracket Specs:

Top Bracket Lengths 8"- 14"
Flange Length 6" - 14"
Top Mounting Holes 0
Flange Mounting Holes 3
Top Bracket Thickness .5"
Flange Thickness .25"
Top Bracket Width 2.5"
Flange Width 2.5
Powder Coat Yes
Special Order No



After Install Shelving Forward Face Support